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My Family

My HUGE 11 membered family!

Linda: 36. My mom, shes a cool Mom she lets me be in charge of how I do things and if I do them.

Dennis: 42. Stepdad

Nicole: 18. Older Sister. She's a rebel without a cause (kinda like me). Shes awesome! We're like best friends. I mean we always fight but hey thats what we do. Just Joshing. We get along 99% of the time and I'm planning on moving out with her as soon as she does nad as soon as I can!

Then theres me.

Douglas: 14. The "good" one. Not under the influence of any of his family members! Just Joshing Douglas is a good kid. He does the things he needs to do, It might not be what he wants to do but in the end he pretty much always makes the right choices.

George: 13. He's pretty much the younger, male version of me. We hang out all the time, (although thats not saying much I hang out with a lot of my family). We always go to the skate park and he tries to show up the guys by doing some WHACKED out trick on his board and hey most of the time it works. He's the best skater I know.

Jenna: 12. Bean is the drama mamma of the house. If things don't go her way "I hate you I want to move into a foster home, la de da" and so on. Nothing happens of course she sits in the tub and then in an hour comes out and apologizes to everyone. She's pretty funny.

Trajana: 11. Trajana is the actress. No not the drama queen. Theres a difference. Nana only acts that way on stage and Jenna thinks she ALWAYS on a stage. Nanas cool, we talk about boys and how I've been dissed for the day. LOL No it doesn't happen everyday but I can't get over one so yeah we talk about that. :)

Garret: 10. Spud is about the younger version of George. He doesn't skate but he does do the skooter thing.

Wesley: 9. He's the funny little munchkin! He also does the whole skooter thing.

and last but not least;

Tifani: 9. Tif is pretty much a mix of all her older sisters! Just a little bit more controlled. :)